The Mission

Our Mission is to work together as a consortium of cold case experts to bring awareness of, expertise in, and support for, the resolution of unsolved violent crimes (i.e. homicide, sexual assault, and missing and unidentified persons).We believe that all open cases should be investigated to the fullest extent possible to bring a final, just, resolution. If long term cases have remained opened and are not up to contemporary investigative standards, they should be worked until they are brought to that level.One of our primary goals is to create and advocate solutions to policy questions such as legislation in the areas of long term unsolved “cold cases” including homicide, sexual assault, and missing and unidentified persons. To coordinate an outreach and advocacy program for the victims and victim's families of unsolved violent crimes and to reach out to all of the area an regional cold case groups/associations to create a network for sharing information and ideas.

We are a group of…